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Mushadokoro is an online shop specializing in imitation swords, which was born from the samurai experience center in the ancient city of Kamakura.

Imitation sword online shop for women | Sword sales Musyadokoro

"I want to make the store more accessible for women." Thus, the imitation sword online shop "Mushadokoro" for women changed direction.
The swords we sell are imitation swords that are as beautiful as they are serious, created by skilled craftsmen in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, a city of cutlery. Each one is hand-made and carefully crafted.
It's a little distorted and has small scratches... However, it is a proof of handwork made in warm warmth.
​As proof of its uniqueness, please cherish your own sword.

Staff introduction

​Daisuke Arimoto


Sword sales MUSHA-DOKORO

Akemi Matayoshi

In charge of packaging and inspection.

Sword sales MUSHA-DOKORO


Character of SHISOUAN. It's a horse.

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