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Sword sale


"May you and ​swords be bound forever."



New Swords

Sword Sales Musha-dokoro is a safe and secure imitation sword store, and an imitation sword online shop for women. We sell imitation swords made by hand one by one by craftsmen, as well as high-quality swords with elaborate finishes. We also sell authentic imitation swords that can only be found at our store, so please feel free to browse.

​A sword shop for women

"I like swords, but it's hard to enter the store..." We want female customers to be able to shop with peace of mind. We are selling at the sword online shop. We will deliver it wholeheartedly so that the sword of fate and the owner will be tied together.

3​Peace of mind for women
Mainly served by female staff

Even if you are new to imitation swords, our female staff are mainly in charge of customer service, inspection and packaging, so that you can receive your own sword with peace of mind. If you have any problems or requests, please feel free to contact us.

Swords and unnoticed packaging

Even if you don't want people to know that you have purchased a sword, we will send it to you in a state where you can't tell it is a sword so that you can welcome us with peace of mind. Please feel free to specify the date of receipt as we will respond according to your request.

A beautiful and heavy sword

The imitation swords, which are carefully handcrafted one by one by craftsmen in Seki City, Japan's cutlery production area, are a number of gems that combine beauty and dignity. We also sell high-quality swords that can only be obtained at our store. This is a very authentic imitation sword store.

Please check our customers' real impressions on Twitter.

Click on the icon below or search for "むしゃ処" on Twitter to see honest reviews from customers who have purchased the product.

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​Touken Sales Mushadokoro is an online shop that sells safe and secure imitation swords and imitation swords for women. We sell imitation swords handmade by craftsmen, full-scale imitation swords, and high-quality swords. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us from here.

Please be careful about phishing sites!! ︎

When you search for ``むしゃ処'' on search sites such as Google, there are many phishing scam sites that appear next to this site, pretending to be second-hand swords purchased from Musyadokoro. Masu. This is a fraudulent site that attracts customers by listing low prices and steals credit card and password numbers, so please be careful not to try to buy from them! ! At least, I think it's safe to use Mercari or Yahoo Auctions. …If possible, please buy a new one from our store! ! lol

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