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  • I would like to know about the imitation sword that is scheduled to be released.
    Thank you 😊 We will announce the imitation swords that will be sold in the future on Twitter and [Latest News] on this site. In addition, we cannot answer questions about the details of the sword before it goes on sale, as there may be changes in the details (whether there is a release schedule, price, release date, size). Thank you for your understanding.
  • I want it by this date, but can I talk to you about it?
    You can specify the delivery date and time😀 Of course, you can also specify the time zone! The delivery date will be delivered according to the estimated delivery period listed in the "Product Information" section of each product page, so please allow approximately 2 weeks from payment to delivery. If it says, At least 2 weeks, you can specify a date! However, although it is written that it will take about 2 weeks, if you specify a date earlier than the stated date, such as within a week after payment, it will be difficult to prepare in principle, so please understand. . In addition, when specifying, please write in the remarks column, for example, as follows. 〇Wednesday, Thursday please, 〇Please set the time from 14:00 to 16:00, 〇Please send by October 10th (In this case, it will arrive before October 9th, before October 10th) 〇It is my birthday, so please send it on March 3rd (in this case, it will arrive on March 3rd) However, if you for some reason want it sooner than the estimated delivery date, please contact us separately . In that case, Please be sure to specify two specific points: (1) "When should it be delivered?" and (2) The prefecture in which you live. Example) ×Will it arrive by around September 9th? → 〇I live in Kanagawa Prefecture and am planning to use it on September 10th, so could I have it arrive on September 9th? It's difficult to answer if you say vaguely "around XX days", but if you ask frankly, "Can you deliver it on XX days?" I will do my best 😉 *Please note that if the product is delivered early, it will be shipped from inventory, not made-to-order. Delivered with love 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
  • Can you do custom-made or special orders?
    Sorry, but it's difficult! 😓 No, to be precise, I think you can make a new sword with around 300,000 to 400,000 (laughs) If you want to change the existing sword (strap, hilt, tsuba, scabbard color, blade, etc.), I think the sword we are offering now is the best and sell it. The custom order that we can do is to add decorations at the time of customer service, inspection, and packaging according to the customer so that the customer will be happy and hurt. Thank you for your understanding.
  • What kind of condition does the package arrive in? I don't want people to know!
    9.5% of the users of Mushadokoro are women. In order for women to be able to purchase the imitation swords with peace of mind, we will deliver the item in a long and narrow cardboard box. The photo is an example of a Uchigatana + Single Sword Stand. Also, since we only write "Arts and Crafts" on the shipping slip, it is probably difficult for the general public to guess that it is an imitation sword. It seems to be 😎 However, if you purchase a [Uchikatana] or [Tachi], it will be delivered in a thin vertically long cardboard like the one in the photo, so if your roommate or mother asks you "What is that?" Huh? Umbrella?🙄” If you still have doubts, try saying, "I'm sorry. I bought some jinenjo 😝." They may leave you alone. → Or, there are some people who say that the delivery address is not at home, but at a friend's home or work. We also recommend using [Yamato Transport's base station delivery] or [post office delivery] and picking it up when it's convenient for you! → Even so! If your anti-katana mother finds out that it's a sword, check it out here 🤓
  • Are receipts, statements, imitation sword certificates, etc. included?
    From the perspective of SDGs, our store is also moving towards paperless operations. Therefore, as a general rule, only invoicesthat describe the contents are included. Imitation sword certificate will be attached as data to the "shipment completion email" for customers who purchase the sword. If you need it, please print it out and use it yourself. Also, if you would like a receipt that shows the amount of the item, we will send it to you in data only if you request it. I will do it. If you require a paper package to be included, please let us know when ordering. (Please note that if you wish to receive a paper copy after the product has already been delivered, you will be charged an additional shipping fee for mailing.)
  • I've never done a bank transfer before...
    I don't have a credit card and I'm worried about cash on delivery! For those who say... Account transfer may seem difficult at first glance, but it's actually a familiar and easy process. Please take this opportunity to try it😉 [1] First of all, please decide from the following 4 ways whether [postal transfer] or [bank transfer] is suitable. A. If you have a "Japan Post Bank account" → [postal transfer] is convenient♪ B. If you have a "Mizuho Bank account" → [Bank transfer] is convenient♪ C. If you have a bank account other than the above → [Bank transfer] is convenient♪ D. If you don't have a bank account or want to pay in cash → [Bank transfer] is convenient♪ [2] When shopping with the above results, please enter [postal transfer] or [bank transfer] in the remarks column on the basket screen. Even if you have already placed an order, if you would like to change the transfer method, please feel free to contact us by email. [3] After placing your order, our staff will send you an order confirmation e-mail. We will contact you with your account number, etc.) All you have to do is pay using the methods below. *The following information is the same as the information in the transfer method column on the order screen↓ *If you are not sure about the transfer method (counter, ATM, internet banking, etc.), please see *4 below for this question. ★Those who chose [postal transfer] ① Customer's "Japan Post Bank Account" → Our "Japan Post Bank Account ② Cash → Our "Yucho Bank Account *Procedures are required at the Japan Post Bank window. See *1 below for details. ★Those who chose [Bank transfer] ◇Transfer method using [Mizuho Bank]   ①Customer's "Mizuho Bank/other bank account" → Our "Mizuho Bank account 2) Cash → Our "Mizuho Bank account" *Available at Mizuho ATMs nationwide ◇Transfer method using [Japan Post Bank]   〇Transfer from the customer's other bank account to our "Japan Post Bank account *1 As mentioned above, if you want to transfer money in cash, you can do it at "Mizuho Bank" or "Japan Post Bank", but if you use "Japan Post Bank", you have to use the window, which is troublesome. On the other hand, "Mizuho Bank" allows you to pay at ATMs nationwide, so we recommend transferring from "Mizuho Bank"! *2 If you don't know the details of the transfer method, please ask at the bank's counter♪ They should be able to kindly guide you. *3 For transfers from convenience stores, use this page etc. is easy to understand. On another site...🙄 *4 Before that, the basic explanation of "What is transfer?" "_blank">this page is recommended! On another site...🙄
  • I placed an order (or made an inquiry), but I haven't received an email!
    After you place your order, you will usually receive an automatic reply email called "thanks email" immediately, but if you do not receive the thank you email, please rest assured that your order may have been successfully completed😊< /p> The important thing is that within a few days, our staff will send you an email confirming your order. Excuse me, but please contact me directly by e-mail ( or by using the inquiry form. In that case, please be sure to specify your name and enter an email address that is different from the one you ordered. I would appreciate it. Also, just in case, please set the reception permission setting for the e-mail address you provided. *If you are using a Yahoo or gmail address, please check your spam folder in advance. Although we aim to respond to inquiries within 3 business days, it may take longer to respond to questions that are difficult to answer. We would appreciate it if you could wait patiently. *Please understand that we cannot promise to reply to requests. *When contacting us, please make sure that you have enabled reception and check your spam folder.
  • My family (especially my mother) strongly opposes my purchase of an imitation sword.
    Most of the customers at Mushadoko are young women. Occasionally, after making a purchase, we receive a message saying, "I want to cancel due to opposition from my family." Of course, If you are a minor, it would be ideal if you had the consent of your family before purchasing. , I think there are many people who are worried that it is a "dangerous thing", saying, "Isn't that a suspicious weapon?" There! Here are some of the persuasive reasons that the female staff of Mushadokoro recommend. ① Start here It's a sword that doesn't cut, so it's safe!😄 ②If you worry about money It's cheap! You can buy it if you have 3 days worth of part-time job.😙 (3) If you have any doubts about the place of purchase You can rest assured that everything from exchanging emails to packing is done by female staff!😊 ④If you say "But you don't need it (with a dignified look) "As a Japanese person, I want to feel the tradition! 😲 ⑤If you say "You won't need it later (Looking into the distance with an earnest look on his face) "In the future, when I get married and have a child (son), I want to give him a present.😌 (↓This is especially recommended.) ⑥If you are asked, "What is it for in the first place? The world is in turmoil. If the mother is a thief, and if she has a sword or a child without a sword, which one would you attack? ? You don't even have a sword! ! ... I can't say for sure, but what if you happen to meet a thief or a suspicious person at home when you live alone, when you're alone at home? In such a case, if you pull out the imitation sword at once, even the other side will flinch. ...No way, the girl in front of me has a sword! and. If there is such a reason, even if you sleep with the sword on the bed or put it by the bed, you will be convinced ♪😉
  • I'm considering purchasing or gifting an imitation sword to my daughter (grandchild).
    Fathers and grandfathers in such a world, please rest assured! We have received many orders for imitation swords as presents from wonderful fathers and grandfathers to cute daughters and grandchildren. [Three advantages of giving an imitation sword as a gift] ① Our female staff carefully packs and inspects each item, so you can rest assured that your daughter or grandchild will receive the imitation sword. . Also, when you place your order, If you write "For a gift for my daughter (grandchild) in the remarks column, we can make it a cute, girly decoration. strong>, we will pack it for you! ② We will deliver a high-quality imitation sword that will satisfy even your father and will make you fall in love with the sword. ③ Furthermore, we have heard the following impressions from young ladies and grandchildren who have received imitation swords. I fight with my father for swords almost every day (laughs) I have more conversations with my grandfather, who knows a lot about swords! Because I want to treasure it, I borrowed sewing tools from my grandmother and made a bed for my sword. “I love you daddy!❤️” and so on. If the imitation sword makes your family smile like this, it would be great to give it as a gift! Why don't you take the plunge and give it as a gift on the next celebration day? *When purchasing, Be sure to ask your daughter or granddaughter which sword they prefer! (There are swords with the same name, but there are different types depending on the decoration.) *I'm sorry, but in principle we do not accept orders by phone or fax because we cannot keep records. Please take this opportunity to ask for the cooperation of those around you when using the Internet, computers, and e-mail. If it is really difficult, please feel free to contact us by phone or fax.
  • What is the reputation of Mushadokoro's imitation swords?
    Regarding the reputation of Mushadokoro, after purchasing it, customers commented "It's beautiful!" We receive happy words such as "The service is warm" and "My family wants it (laughs)" on Twitter and direct emails. Click here for search results for "Mushadokoro" on twitter If you display it and see it, you will be able to see the raw opinions and impressions of customers who have purchased so far. Our shop has been operating a samurai experience place in the ancient city of Kamakura, so we have a keen eye for cool, beautiful, and high-quality imitation swords. Customers at the samurai experience For this reason, all of the imitation swords we sell are handcrafted one by one by craftsmen at a workshop in Seki City, Gifu, which is known as the town of cutlery. Doing. In addition, regarding swords, we mainly carry out support by female staff, inspection of products, production of goods, etc. so that even women who have difficulty stepping into swords can purchase them with peace of mind. Regarding the reputation of Mushadokoro's imitation swords, we will do our best to make improvements and refinements so that everyone who purchases them will be satisfied. Thank you for your request.
  • Can the imitation swords you handle be used in Iai training?
    With the exception of a few, most of the imitation swords we carry are for viewing purposes only. Masu. If you swing the sword violently or pull it out, there is a risk of damage and injury, so please be careful when using it. Therefore, It cannot be used for Iai training for safety reasons, so please be careful. If you swing it around, the blade may fly out. *Items that can also be used as iaido swords will be listed in the product information on each product page.
  • Can I ship/carry overseas? (Can I ship or fly my imitation sword overseas?)
    We have been accepting deliveries and shipments. If you have difficulty ordering from the shopping cart, please contact us directly by email. Currently, it will be shipped by EMS. In particular, customers in Asian countries such as Taiwan have a lot of use, so it is safe 😊 (*Please understand that the staff cannot speak English, so we will use DeepL (translation application) to respond.) We have done many international shipments in the past! If you have difficulty ordering from the order form, please contact us directly by e-mail. Please note that we currently ship via EMS. in Taiwan and other Asian countries. Please contact the airline you plan to fly with regarding the carrying of imitation swords on board. (※As we are not able to use English, we will use deepL(translation app) to help you. Please understand this in advance.) As another method, if you use a convenient service called [overseas import agency], I think it will definitely reach you. (In addition, I think that if you use the convenient thing called [Import agency], sure you can get it!) If you don't mind, please try it. (Please try it.) [For example, overseas import agency site] (Baggage Forward) (Goyokikiya) Also, We are also accepting requests for delivery from overseas customers who are traveling to Japan to hotels where they are staying in Japan. However, we do not accept special packaging for overseas shipping, so please prepare it yourself. In addition, regarding the imitation swords to be brought overseas, it is not a carry-on item, but rather, it is normally allowed as long as it is checked in as "baggage" at the check-in counter in a tightly sealed box. I am asking. However, please understand that we cannot give a general answer that "you can always bring it in", as it seems that the handling differs depending on the airline you use and the country you bring it in. If you have any concerns, we recommend that you contact your airline in advance. In addition, we always enclose an "imitation sword certificate" with customers who purchase an imitation sword at our store. Just in case, when checking in, we recommend that you post it to the staff or attach the certificate to the exterior of the box of the imitation sword before checking it in.
  • How should I care for and store an imitation sword?
    Those who are worried that "Swords are delicate and troublesome to care for, so I'm afraid to use them!😫". Please be assured that imitation swords are so durable that they are said to "do nothing" compared to real swords. The only thing I would like you to pay attention to is the rust on the blade. Based on my experience, if you leave the blade with moisture and dirt on it, the chances of it rusting are high! Well, whether it's kitchen knives or scissors, anything made of metal will rust if left dirty. For that reason, when displaying the blade unsheathed for a long period of time, when frequently touching the blade for cosplay, etc., bedding with high humidity If you store it inside, you should consider that it needs to be taken care of. Regarding how to clean your sword...seriously, please purchase the Handkerchief for Cleaning Imitation Swords" from the "Sword accessories" menu. This is a cute handkerchief that is carefully selected by staff who have repeatedly cleaned the imitation swords at our Samurai Experience Center. As for how to take care of it, feel free to wipe it off. It is also recommended to use it for wiping the blade, wiping the scabbard, and both sides are gauze, depending on the part that is dirty. Also, regarding the place to display and store the imitation sword, A place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, does not get hot even in summer, and has low humidity would be suitable. Basically, I don't think you need to be so sensitive. It depends on the environment of each customer's room, so if you're really worried about it, I think it's safe to store it in a cool and dark place (laughs) In addition, if you are worried about leaving the sword alive, wrap it in a sword bag, cardboard at the time of delivery, furoshiki, etc. and store it occasionally (once every six months...) to check that it is not rusting. I think it would be good to check and take care of it just in case. In addition, when using the blade with the blade removed, if you see dirt on the blade from your hands, lightly clean it every time, and it will last a long time. However, it's an imitation sword, so I'll repeat this over and over again, but you don't have to be so nervous about it♪😁
  • Should I buy a lot of care handkerchiefs?
    Regarding care handkerchiefs, if they are for normal viewing purposes, such as displaying them indoors, occasionally holding them in your hand, or using them for cosplay photo shoots, please Only one is enough. Since the handkerchief is 28 cm square, if you use the front and back of the handkerchief separately for the blade and sheath, the area that gets dirty will be limited. available!
  • There was a hole in the handle of the imitation sword I bought, what is this?
    From time to time, we receive inquiries like this from customers who have purchased "Kashuu Kiyomitsu" at our store. This "hole in the handle" is actually an important part called Mekugi that connects the blade and the handle. In the process of making the sword, a craftsman puts Nishijin brocade and sharkskin on the handle, and then pierces the handle with a wooden nail. I'm bored. *When Nishijin fabric is layered on the pattern, such as "Kashuu Kiyomitsu", the area around the hole may become fuzzy. If you are concerned about it, please cut it carefully. So, if you're worried about it, don't worry, it's not a defective product. Also, if you look closely at the hole, you will be able to see the wooden part that is the "mekugi". This hole is a great [proof] of a realistic imitation sword that is handcrafted by a craftsman. *The eye nails protrude and dent about -3mm to +5mm on both sides, but there is no problem, so don't worry. Also, Of course, if you apply force in one direction, the nail will come out, but please don't pull it out (laughs) In addition, there are many other interesting parts of the imitation sword that you can only understand when you hold it in your hand. I would like to play the role of "mekugi" so that the relationship between the sword and the customer becomes like "blade and handle" by looking carefully and enjoying it, researching and increasing knowledge.
  • I want to take better care of the imitation sword I bought!
    The newly born imitation sword just after completion has a slightly rough appearance. Therefore, at our shop, we try to inspect our swords with the aim of creating a brilliant appearance that will impress customers who hold the sword in their hands. "If you find any of the following areas that require maintenance on your imitation sword after use, please kindly and carefully maintain it." [Blade] If there is something like a black stain on the blade, it is oil or residue from the manufacturing process, so clean it with a handkerchief-like gauze or terry cloth. Please use it and wipe it with a little force. [Handle roll] If there is any adhesive left on the metal fittings, wipe it off with a tissue containing alcohol. Also, if the Nishijin weave is sandwiched between the tsukamaki and the threads are sticking out, cut them with scissors for eyebrow trimming. If you are concerned about the double-sided tape that is used to fix the handle, you can use the tip of an eyebrow scissor to make a cut in the visible double-sided tape. It is beautiful if you hide it under the pattern roll. [Scabbard] Gently wipe off any oil that remains on the scabbard after gripping it with a clean handkerchief or soft cloth. If a transparent adhesive-like substance remains, it may be possible to remove it by wiping it with a cloth like a cleaning handkerchief, rubbing it with the pad of your finger. If it still does not come off, apply a small amount of a remover such as a sticker remover to a tissue and apply it gently to the stain, and it may come off cleanly. Be careful not to rub too hard with your fingernails, as the paint may come off. *The above maintenance method can only be applied to the imitation swords sold at our store.
  • The imitation sword I bought had a scratch on it!
    First of all, to those who are reading this question. "We sincerely apologize for causing you discomfort." ...I'm very sorry, but if it's okay with you, please take a look at the following. Could you please confirm this? The imitation swords we sell are made up of various parts (blade, habaki, scabbard, handle, etc.), just like real swords. , is made by hand. Therefore, unlike mass production in factories, there are differences in each one, and each is a one-of-a-kind imitation sword. For this reason, the imitation swords we deliver have small scratches and small lacquer imperfections, but they are not noticeable, but there are many. However, after repeated inspections, we will only ship products that have been judged to have no problems in terms of use, safety, and quality. (*Please understand that the scabbard and scabbard metal fittings are originally sacrificial parts to protect the blade.) Also, the vividness of the coating of the scabbard, the color of the metal fittings, the blade, the handle, and so on. It is only then that the katana develops its own individuality, and when you hold it in your hand, it gives you a deep sense of charm. Therefore, the ``individuality'' of the sword is a testament to the fact that it is hand-made. I would appreciate it if you could think of it as a thing. In addition, regarding the imitation swords that were found to be ``problems in delivery'' during the inspection, please rest assured that they will be sold separately as outlet products on an irregular basis. don't. ・・・If you can accept the scars that the sword is born with as "the uniqueness of the sword", please keep it as it is and love the one sword in this world. I would appreciate it if you could come. If you are still unsatisfied, please contact us by email ( so that we can process your exchange or return. At that time, please send us a reason for the exchange and a picture of the problem. Also, please do not throw away the box as it will be required when shipping the replacement item. *Returns will be accepted as soon as possible for defects that pose safety problems during use (large cracks in the blade or scabbard, loose habaki, missing eye nails, etc.). *Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for items that we recognize as non-defective. *Exchanges are limited to before use (except after taking it outside or after displaying it for a while). Also, please understand that even before use, depending on the degree of damage, we may decide that the product is not worthy of being replaced.
  • Can I repair the imitation swords I bought at Mushadokoro?
    It is possible to repair some of the imitation swords sold at our shop. (*Swords that can be repaired will be covered with smooth fittings as shown in the photo below.) As a countermeasure, Cracked or damaged scabbard → Replace scabbard Scratches on the blade, peeling, deformation → blade replacement Metal fitting damage, discoloration → metal fitting replacement etc. However, I would like you to understand that repairing a sword involves disassembling the sword once, so the burden on the craftsman for each repair is more than making a new sword. It's big in Until now, For customers who request repairs, the craftsman's warm courtesy, "If you care about your sword, will be handled with a minimum fee. However, The number of requests for repairs increases year by year, and the burden on the craftsmen is increasing. , I'm getting sick of it. There is such a thing, and I am very sorry, but this time, when considering the shortage of craftsmen in the imitation sword world, the spread of imitation swords, and the continuation of the traditional techniques carved into each part, We have decided to ask our customers to purchase new swords instead of repairing them as much as possible. . . . Of course, it is a great honor for both the craftsmen and us that the swords in their possession remain attached to them for a long time, and we are always happy to receive such reports. We are here. However,At this rate, repairs will be repeated, and while the burden on craftsmen will increase, the demand for craftsmen for each part will decrease. You will not be able to create swords. (By the way, throwing away swords with non-burnable garbage is a shame for the environment, but recently, the demand for scrap metal has increased, and metal products other than iron are also being purchased at high prices. Therefore, if you don't mind, when disposing of your sword, please consider using a nearby scrap metal purchaser. You can receive it.) For those who still wish to have it repaired, we will list the repair costs as follows. Fixed repair fee 13 ,000 yen (tax included) (Including material costs, craftsman fees, shipping from our shop to the workshop, and shipping from our shop to the customer) +Other than that, the shipping fee from the customer to our shop will be borne by the customer (advance payment around 2000 yen). Did you notice anything here? It's the same price as buying a new sword! and. that's right. Think of it as a milestone, and please welcome a new sword. I thought it was a nice idea, but some customers see the damaged sword and think it was a scapegoat for them. . Swords are called talismans, and are thought to protect the owner like a talisman. If so, The longevity of the sword is the same as the amulet, instead of repairing the damaged sword and continuing to hold it, the god of the sword who protected it through the sword. While thanking the soul, I think it would be a good idea to dispose of it and place the god (sword) in its new form by your side. I hope you will consider it. When requesting repairs, please be sure to email us with your name, the name of the sword you wish to repair, and where you would like it repaired (preferably with an image). Please contact us.
  • The sword has become too easy to pull out of the scabbard. Can you fix it?
    The looseness of the Koiguchi is natural for a sword. By the way, the looseness of the Koiguchi is not a problem at all when handling the sword. Because, as a swordsman, it is customary to put your thumb on the tsuba to hold it down. However, many people who handle imitation swords do not have the technique of fixing the tsuba with their thumbs like swordsmen do, so it is difficult for them to come loose when wearing a sword or taking a picture! I think there are some people who say. We are sorry to inform you that the imitation swords in our shop are made of durable materials such as a wooden scabbard and an alloy mouthpiece, but it changes little by little depending on your environment. (Some of them are made of resin, but they are the same.) If you want to prevent the Koiguchi from loosening, please be careful if you repeatedly pull the sword out of the scabbard and put it back in violently (to the extent that the Koiguchi snaps sharply!). However, I think that the Koiguchi will soon wear out and slip out of the scabbard. (In other words, for those who are having trouble with the Koiguchi being too hard, it will be easier to remove if the Koiguchi is worn down.) All the imitation swords enrolled at our Samurai Experience Center have loose mouths. So, in the case of a long sword, if you fix the tsuba and cord with a string like this, it won't come off suddenly, so you can rest assured! You can use the same method to prevent the Uchikatana from coming off by itself, but It is very difficult to fix the mouthpiece once it has become loose. In addition, we haven't tried the method of putting a piece of wood in the Koiguchi that some people recommend to fix it loosely, so I don't really know (sweat) If you are interested, Try searching the internet. We would like to introduce a method to prevent the koiguchi from becoming loose. A master swordsman may seem quick to insert and remove the scabbard, but his actions are efficient, quiet and beautiful. I never made any movements that would damage the tools. So, don't be fooled by the unrealistic and violent movements of some historical dramas and anime, please handle your sword with sophisticated movements that are kind to the scabbard! That should make the sword last longer. Still, if you are not satisfied, there is no choice but to exchange the scabbard... We apologize for the inconvenience, but regarding the replacement of the scabbard, it will be treated as a repair, so please refer to the question above, "Q.
  • Oh, it's hard! The blade is bent!
    Regarding the imitation sword you have, when you stand up the sword and appreciate the "form" of the tip of the blade, you will see that the blade is bent, and you may ask, "Is it a defective product?" We sometimes have customers who are worried and contact us. But don't worry! It is surprisingly not well known that the line from the tip of the sword to the center is not always straight. And you can read the age of the sword by the degree of inclination (curvature) of the tip. Therefore, please understand that "a bent sword" does not mean a "defective product". Again, the imitation swords we sell are made by craftsmen who have worked hard to create the same characteristics as real swords, so please take good care of them. I would appreciate it if you could keep it at hand.
  • The string on my sword has come untied.
    In such a case, please check the knot by searching online or in the materials, and tie it steadily. Strangely enough, the more you care about your sword, the more you love it. In addition, regarding our "Yagen Toshiro", we have made an original knot so that the charm of the tanto will be more attractive. If you would like to use the official knot, please check the internet search and reference material, as with other swords, but if you would like our original knot, please check here don't. (*I think it's a little hard to see because it's a hand-drawn illustration, so please compare it with the photo on the sales page.)
  • I don't know how to assemble the sword stand...
    [Sword rack assembly instructions] *Depending on the sword rack we deliver, there are also "simple assembly types" that are easy to handle. See below as strong>. ◇How to assemble the sword stand For instructions on how to assemble the ``Ippontokakedai'' and ``Double swordkakedai'',here For instructions on how to assemble the Jindachi Kakedai, please here How to assemble the Tantokakedai is here *If you insert it incorrectly, it will be difficult to dismantle it again. (However, depending on the assembly order of each part, it is okay if you make it easier for the customer) [*Please check first] In order to maintain safety, the sword rack is designed to be so that the wooden parts are tightly engaged. The convex hole is larger than the concave hole, This really fits , but in the end, it's made to fit perfectly. As evidence of that, there has never been a sword stand that has not been assembled! 🤓 This is because the mesh is hardened for safety so that it doesn't wobble when you hang a heavy and long sword, so it was a struggle when assembling it. If you do, we recommend using a rubber hammer or a wooden mallet and thinking like a temple carpenter. I will. In addition, if you are worried about assembly, we also accept assembly at our shop. See below for details. [◇Assembly points] ① You should push it firmly with force! ... If you give up here, you won't be able to assemble it because the replacement part has the same specifications. Use a wooden mallet or rubber hammer to tap in hard-to-reach areas. (Even if the convexity is larger than the concave, it will fit.) (When using a wooden mallet, place a piece of cloth between it and the stand to prevent scratches.) ② If you are a woman, you should push in so strongly and straight that you think you might be pushing too hard! ・・・In some cases, it is recommended that you use a mallet, floor, wall, etc. to assemble. ③ Push it in while checking carefully! ・・・If there is any distortion while pushing the parts or assembling them, it may cause damage! Make sure that each part is perpendicular/parallel inserted into the hole. It doesn't have to be a little vertical as long as you keep an eye on it. ④ Don't worry about scraped parts and cracks, just push them in! ・・・During assembly, the joints may be scraped or small cracks may appear, but the scraped parts will not be visible after completion, and there are also cracks. It is small and inconspicuous, and there is no safety problem, so we hope you can rest assured. 【How to assemble the single sword rack and double sword rack】 One, the introduction has become long, but let's check the parts first. 2.Insert ③ into the side hole of ①. Make sure the convex side is facing down. If it's hard to get in, it's okay if the convex side is up. Three, plug in what you did in step two into both. Both left and right, tightly to the back! The base is now complete. Fourth, then assemble the upper part. While checking the unevenness of ④, slide it into the horizontal hole at the bottom of ②. *At this time, pay attention to the vertical direction of ④! It's better to have a gentle curve! Five, from another angle, it looks like this. Six, insert the left and right in the same way until the end. Please note that if there is distortion, rattling will occur. 7. Insert the lower projections of ② extending from the upper part (②+④+②) assembled in step 6 into the recesses on the base (①+③+①) on the upper side of ① at the same time. Apply force evenly to the left and right. *There are many people who struggle with this process, but the best advice we can give you is to cheer them on, "Do your best!😅(bitter smile) ) *If it doesn't fit firmly into the hole, ④ may be upside down, so compare it with the photo to confirm. *If you find it hard to get into, please see the above [◇Precautions when assembling] now. Please take a look. *If it is still difficult to enter, try swapping ① left and right. It is recommended to turn the hanging stand upside down on a piece of cardboard, cover the joint with a handkerchief, and hit it with a wooden mallet as if you were a temple carpenter. 8, you're done. As a reward for your hard work, please lay your favorite sword here and love it to your heart's content. 😉 *Please check here first, and if assembly still does not work , First of all, please let us know by e-mail to our shop. We will respond as follows. 1) If the product is clearly defective → We will respond to your request for return or exchange. ② If the product is good but not easy to assemble (if our staff assembled it without any problems) → shipping fee to our store (paid by the customer) + assembly fee by the staff and shipping fee when sending it to the customer The customer will be responsible for the total amount from 2,700 yen. (*Because the parts of the stand are made tightly, it is difficult to dismantle it once it is assembled. Therefore, please note that the shipping fee will be higher. We recommend that you assemble it with.) 【How to assemble the Jindachi rack】 First, let's check the parts. Insert ② into each vertical horizontal hole of ② and ①. As shown in the picture, please put ② so that it becomes a △ for ①. *There are cases where ② and ① are already attached. Three, at this point, it doesn't fit well, so please think of it as something that slips and comes off. Fourth, place the upper part assembled in [Step 3] on the base of ⑤. While checking the angles of ① and ②, support ① with your left hand and ② with your right hand, and slowly insert it into the hole of ⑤. Five, yes! Even at this point, it's still wobbly, so please don't worry. 6.To fix it, hold ① with your left hand, lightly press it against ⑤, and gently turn it over. Firmly insert ④ into the side hole of ① that protrudes slightly from the bottom of ⑤. *At this time, regarding how to insert ④, the flat side of ④ should be the base side of ⑤. If you pass the slightly tapered end of ④ through the side hole of ①, ④ will be difficult to pull out of the hole and will be strong. ButAs long as it's firmly fixed, there's no problem for the time being! Seventh, with this one step, the parts are firmly fixed! However, if you put the sword on and take it off frequently, without realizing it, ④ may loosen and come off the hole. If you think that it is wobbly, immediately check [Procedure 6]. *Also, there are times when ④ accidentally falls under the sword stand, so be careful not to suck it up with a vacuum cleaner. 8. Finally, put ③ on ①. Gently fit the hole (3) into the protrusion protruding from (1). At this time, make sure that the recess for the sword is facing the base. * This completes the assembly, but If ③ shakes when you hang the sword, apply wood glue to the top of ① and fix the connection with ③. Please get rid of it. 9. It's a spectacular sight when you line up the Jindachi-kakedai ♪ 【How to assemble the tanto rack】 Is it okay if I don't show you how to assemble it because it's so easy? I think (bitter smile) *If distortion occurs after assembling the tantokakedai, It may be improved by the following method, so please try it. ①Replace the four legs of the tanto-kakedai into other holes. (2) When placed on a horizontal surface, pull out the legs that are floating above the ground and make them the same length as the other legs. Also, if there is a leg that does not go all the way in, you may be able to insert it all the way in by screwing it counterclockwise. Conversely, when removing it, turning it clockwise may make it easier to remove. ※However! If you force it in, it may be damaged, so please do not force it. *We also accept exchanges for items that are missing, damaged, or incomplete, so please let us know.
  • I would like to know the type of sword stand and how to decorate it.
    There are various types of swords, such as [Tachi], [Uchigatana], [Wakizashi], and [Tantou]. The types of swords that can be displayed are as follows. Single Sword Stand": [Tachi] [Uchikatana] [Wakizashi] Double Sword Stand": [Tachi] [Uchikatana] [Wakizashi] Jindachi Kakedai": [Tachi] Only Tantou Kakedai": [Tantou] only Double tanto rack": [tanto] only Wall-mounted sword stand": [Tachi] [Uchikatana] [Wakizashi] In addition, regarding how to decorate the sword stand, it is as follows. [Tachi]: Decorate so that the blade faces downward [Uchikatana]: Decorate so that the blade faces upward [Wakizashi]: Decorated so that the blade faces upward [Tantou]: Decorate so that the blade faces upward In addition, regarding the left and right of the tip, in modern times, the rule is set as "the tip is right!" It means. We would like women who are new to swords to enjoy it as an appreciation, and our stance is to be like an old samurai, Decorate as you like , I will recommend how to decorate freely. *In the images on our website, each sword is decorated regardless of the top or bottom of the blade so that the charm of the sword can be brought out.
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